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peHUB First Read

Takin’ it UNDER the Streets! Occupiers hit the subway. peHUB cabs home.

Joy in Whoville! The Christmas Tree Tax has been chopped down

Unfriendlys: Bankruptcy sale of restaurant chain getting messy

Lone Wolf: Man takes a shot at our Prez

Let’s Hear it for Commissioner Laimbeer! NBA pros could form own league (that’s not so good for a couple PE folks)

Newt Says: Keep your Mitts off my Iowa

Timmay! Bronc’s Tebow lifts Denver crowd higher, stuns hapless Broadway Bums

That’s a Lot of MF money!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Cops reopen Wood death query

The Fear: Rupee falls with global worries

I’m Expensing One: Treadmill desks, for the writers out there who have issues when it comes to being away from a keyboard for longer than 10 minutes

In Conclusion… Thanks to all our sponsors, attendees, guests, speakers and writers who came to Buyouts Texas! See you soon!