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peHUB First Read

Smarter than the Cops: Reuters tracks down key Olympus scandal figure

We DO Know He’s Not a Very Nice Guy: But was DSK actually set up?

Once Again: People are dying via a Craigslist introduction

I Like Your Odds: Putin takes Russia presidential nomination

Oh SNAP: WWD lays expose smackdown on downtown Tina Brown

The New Andy Rooney: Vatican’s chief yahoo lays into stuff he doesn’t like/get

IMF to bail out SOL Italy?

A Newt! Gingrich gains steam

French Lender Considers Sale: BNP Paribas may dispose of up to $700m PE assets

The VC Glass Ceiling: Women entrepreneurs face barriers in attracting capital

Venture Investing Predictions: Poll debates whether environment for venture is getting better or worse

Technology Rivalry: Akamai poised to take over rival Cotendo

A Cleantech State of Mind: Seed financing hard to come by

Global Ambition: China Development Bank to launch Hong Kong business and partner with TPG, KKR and Permira

In Conclusion… How Cerberus locked & loaded up in the gun industry