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peHUB First Read

Viadeo snaps up Soocial

So Where are the hedge funds at?

Despicable Things: One more thing to not like about News Corp.

The Pendulum Swings and LPs take the upper hand

Atop our Holiday Wish List… THIS.

So Will THIS Icahn deal work out?

The Future is in PE: GameStop may find its best propspects with a private equity buyer

Late developer: African PE calls on latecomer China to back its funds

Venture Capital Politics: Romney has eye of a VC

Yahoo US Under Watch: THL eyes buyout of Yahoo’s US business

Facebook Gears Up: IPO on the horizon

Cleantech State of Mind Part 2: The returns

On the Move: Atlas Venture-backed FlashNotes relocates to Cambridge

In Conclusion: Birthday shoutout to Adam Hallquist, analyst with Fortress Group, who is also a member of the peHUB LinkedIn gang