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peHUB First Read

So, What could MF Global have done with all that money?

He’s Back: Good to see ya, Jim

Come Out and See Us! The Hub will be on the road the next couple days

Old School STD Posters? Old school STD posters.

Playin’ with a Handicap? Paulson helps out the hedgies

Slippery Business: Samsung C&T Buys Apollo Oil Unit

Vintage Gaming: Atari reinvents itself

How Low Can you Go? Low bids for Yahoo a thorny issue

India Regulates: The Securities and Exchange Board of India hopes to finalise regulations for alternative investments in next two months

Italians Do it Better: Italy’s austerity plans boost for PE

Legally Private Equity: Consolidation in the industry. How is it affecting the legal profession?

Fear the Dragon: New Indochina PE fund on the horizon

In Conclusion… All throughout the holidays, peHUB will be singling out state or local charities that do the best to help those who need the most (Yesterday, we did Chicago). Check ‘em out on the peHUB Wire—and keep your suggestions for other state and local charities rolling in!!