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peHUB First Read

Payola Online? Techcrunch is accused of making startups pledge exclusives in exchange for coverage

Here Comes Trouble: Harbinger gets a bad harbinger in the form of a Wells Notice

Will They or Won’t They? Can lawmakers extend the payroll tax cut?

Not an Announcement: So much as a non-nouncement… Nobody from AH is going to run Yahoo!

NVCA hatin’ on SOPA, PIPA (not to be confused with Pippa)

Who Wins in the MF mess? Soros, it seems

No Love For Chappelle? Eddie gets the gig playing Marion Barry

Which VCs won the battle of the IPO for ’11?

Movin’ On Up: Irving Place Capital’s new digs

Recruiters Rejected by campus occupiers

US Firms are now vulnerable to hostile bids…

In Conclusion… Last week at Virginia Tech, a police officer was shot and killed in what appears to be a senseless, random murder. Give his five kids all you can this holiday season.