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peHUB First Read

So Um What’s the real unemployment rate? Oh.

So Um What’s the most shared links on Tweetminster today?

So Folks Are paying how much for Norwegian butter?

So Prokhorov wants to run the Nets and Russia

Entrepreneurs This is how you throw a holiday party that doesn’t piss off your investors

Financial Investigator Roddy Boyd lays the smackdown on Neil Shen

In a Flash! Apple homes in on venture-backed flash memory company Anobit

Anyone for Chinese logistics? Canada Pension Plan says yes!

Specialist Advice: Trident Gets the Big Data Expert

Back to Private Equity Roots: Chinese sovereign wealth fund real estate head Lau switches to become Euro PE head

VIP Treatment: Australian pet food producer subject of private equity duel

Australian Funds Flood in: QIC wins billion dollar private equity mandate

Gowalla Investors are Cool with $3m Facebook shares deal