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peHUB First Read

Leonard Green has done OK on Whole Foods

Zagat’s Got a Friend: Google buys Clever Sense

Deadspin’s Drew Magary is pretty freakin’ popular

Will the White House smackdown the GOP’s payroll tax pitch?

Steve Cohen Finds insider trading rules “vague.” Not vague: the thickness of a prison wall.

Dammit! The Post Office’s slow death is prolonged

If You Ever Feel Like a Bad Investor… Just be happy you’re not Ronald Wayne

A Peculiar Love Affair: The private equity and pubic pension relationship

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Lasting FM: The grandaddy of online music services serenades users with new discovery tool

The Glaxo Consumer Assets Race: Thomas H Lee currently in the lead

Another Euro Bank gets ready to sell off PE assets

Pipe Dreams for Olympus? Ousted CEO says he would favour PE backing for a recapitalisation

In Conclusion… Startup Identified has poached LinkedIn vet Janet Ryu (or, so says her LinkedIn page… ouch.)