peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday, which also happens to be Day 2 of Buyouts East.

* Providence Equity Partners v. Wachovia will be heard in Delaware Chancery Court on April 7. It’s basicallly the opening act to Clear Channel v. Providence, which will be heard soon after.

* An XO investor bristles over Carl Icahn. Yup, I’m adding it to my list of things to ask him this afternoon. That list already includes the troubles at Motricity.

* Bankruptcy filings were up 18% in February. Looking for a silver lining… Nope, don’t see one.

* Private equity made a mini-comeback last week. Let’s consider that an anomoly, as this week it’s skulked back into the shadows.

* Blackstone’s founders have a side fund that makes independent deals?

* Breaking Views says blogs are less valuable than they may appear. But it forgets the desperation of the many big media companies that have yet to create successful homegrown blogs of their own…

* Barry Diller could be out of IAC by next week, and he knows it.