peHUB First Read

Apple has acquired app search and discovery platform Chomp. And the iPhone 5 isn’t here yet but here are some amazing mock-ups.

Mike Arrington says it’s time to demand an end to animal cruelty. And we heartily agree.

We still miss Harry but J.K. Rowlings is coming out with a book for adults.

Revenue and cash aren’t the same thing. And other things entrepreneurs never confess to their investors.

The step from engineer to entrepreneur is very risky, says Martin Zwilling.

Apollo is near a $7 bln deal to buy El Paso Corp.’s oil and gas exploration unit.

Oh No. Fed regulators and the Mass AG are investigating whether an Oppenheimer Holding’s fund overstated the value of one of its holdings.

Susan Molinari, the former congresswoman, was named head of Google’s Washington’s office.

The challenge of getting “Generation C” to notice anything.