peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Friday:

* A judge rules that Bear Stearns employees still have to give 90-days notice.

* Scott Sperling of THL Capital talks to Erin Burnett about Clear Channel.

* It was a day of plusses and minuses for ex-AIG chief Hank Greenberg. On the upside, nemisis Eliot Spitzer got implicated in yet another prostitution ring. On the downside, he got sued by AIG for breach of fiduciary duty.

* The Clear Channel lawsuit basically revolves around the original financing commitment letter, and the banks’ attempt to ammend it. Here’s the actual letter, if you’d like to read it (hat tip: my soon-to-be colleague Megan Davies).

* The world according to Pete Peterson, co-founder of The Blackstone Group.

* Facebook raises another $40 million.

* PaidContent does some scaling. Congrats to Rafat and the whole team over there.

* Sen. Chris Dodd proposes new I-banking regs.

* 3i Group reports a realization decline.

* Are Chinese banks circling Dresdner Kleinwort?

* Looking for a weekend activity in Boston with your kids? How about the Robotics Competition? (hat tip: Scott Kirsner)