peHUB First Read

How the Internet accused a high school student of terrorism.

New York State is officially the country’s yogurt capital.

LulzSec hacker gets a year in prison for a Sony breach.

Lenovoa is in talks to buy IBM’s server business.

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein is calling it quits.

Eric Schmidt met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in secret in 2011

Google’s first quarter revenue jumps 31%

In Canada, VC funds struggle while private equity thrives.

Is Mark Zuckerberg getting fleeced by Washington consultants?

Here’s a list of 10 family friend law firms.

Police kill one Boston bombing suspect.

Because it’s Friday. Colonel Meow is the new CEO of BuzzFeed.

George Lucas’ wedding to Mellody Hobson is set for June 29 in Chicago. May the force be with you!

An Elvis impersonator supposedly sent the “poison letter” to Prez Obama.


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