peHUB First Read

Lessons from Pebble, the in-demand smart watch startup? Hardware is hard.

Microsoft spent 30 minutes saying nothing about its massive reorg.

The rise of Julie Larson-Green, heir apparent at Microsoft.

Icahn says he’ll sweeten his Dell offer today.

Defcon organizers asked the feds to not come to this year’s conference.

Google is shutting down Alfred, the recommendation app it acquired in December of 2011.

How wealthy are rappers? Well most aren’t as rich as they say they are.

Microsoft gave NSA the keys to Hotmail and Skype.

Diseases is killing Asia’s shrimp and prices are higher now.

Google and Apple are mending their relationship. Friends or Frenemies?

Because of Prism, U.S. Internet companies may lose business to foreign competitors, Marc Andreessen says.

The Kremlin is returning to typewriters to avoid damaging leaks from computer hardware. Wait, typewriters still exist?

Chipotle is offering 20 people free burritos until 2033.

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