peHUB First Read

Are there business lessons to learn from the Disney Princesses? Not really but here goes.

Canonical’s Edge smartphone falls far short of its $32 mln fundraising goal.

President Obama comes out against breed-specific legislation. But why didn’t the Obama’s choose a rescue dog for their new puppy?

Bradley Manning gets 35 years for leaking classified files.

Google is trying to buy the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket Package.

Age can be a curse for a very experienced information tech workers.

Sir Patrick Stewart visited Twitter and we are so jealous.

Women are more likely to consider safety when buying a new car. Men want style.

Uh oh. HP Q3 revenue drops 8%.

Sylvester Stallone is in talks to develop “Rambo” as a TV series.

Wells Fargo is cutting 2,300 jobs from its mortgage production unit.

Maria Sharapova is out of the U.S. Open with a shoulder injury.

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