peHUB First Read

House of Morgan in the headlines — former JP Morgan trader arrested in connection with massive loss.

Anyone home? Sprint to cut 800 customer service jobs.

What a gross way to make money: China’s cockroach trade is on fire, fetching as much as $89 per pound for the pulverized little beasts.

New York Times web site likely hacked for the second time this month. And, the Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Tensions with Syria reach the breaking point, and the markets get slammed.

The Microsoft insiders who could be CEO.

Apple buys a Swedish firm called AlgoTrim, which specializes in image and video.

Exciting! There might be a new addition to the periodic table.

Cory Booker doesn’t care if you think he’s gay.

J.D. Salinger will publish five more books, despite the fact that he’s dead.

The price for Google’s Nexus 4 drops and now starts at $199.

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