peHUB First Read

* Libor gets competition.

* TPG is considering a bid for Royal Bank of Scotland’s £8 billion insurance arm.

* Blackstone gets downgraded.

* The Kauffman Foundation has issued a report on Education and Tech Entrepreneurship. Among its findings: “Even though Bill Gates and Steve Jobs founded two of the world’s most successful companies, they are not representative of technology and engineering company founders. Indeed, a larger proportion of tech founders are middle-aged, well-educated in business or technical disciplines, with degrees from a wide assortment of schools. Twice as many U.S.-born tech entrepreneurs start ventures in their fifties as do those in their early twenties.” Download the entire report: EdTech.pdf

* Earlier this week, Ruby on Rails raised $3.5 million in VC funding from Benchmark Capital. Now comes a TechCrunch report that scale-challenged Twitter is searching for a new architecture.

* BCE lenders monitor the courts in Canada and the U.S.

* PE capital infusions into financial institutions, otherwise known as March of the Lemmings.

* More layoffs coming at UBS.