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New York Yankees legends Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter escorted an emotional Mariano Rivera from the pitcher’s mound last night in one of the poignant moments in baseball history. Rivera, who is retiring and played his final game in Yankee Stadium last night, has left his mark on baseball. Here is a list of his top moments.

Speaking of poignant moments, can Breaking Bad ‘stick the landing‘ in its finale Sunday? First Read will be avoiding any and all news of the outcome as we’re waiting for the final episodes to hit Netflix.

Meanwhile, Ringmaster John Boehner said the House is not likely to accept a spending plan from the Senate that includes money for the Affordable Care Act, bringing the country ever closer to a government shutdown. And would that really be such a bad thing?

The Obama Administration has proposed $300 million in federal and private aid to help Detroit get on the path to recovery — though the amount is far below the billions the city owes.

Here are 19 charts to restore your confidence in the global economy.

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