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peHUB First Read

The FBI once considered the movie It’s a Wonderful Life to be Communist propaganda. And if you think about it, the movie does kind of preach, in a sweet way, the evils of unbridled, unapologetic capitalism.

A breakdown of Tim Draper’s plan to break up California into six pieces, including Silicon Valley the state.

Here’s a great list of belated gift ideas based on startups.

The five worst ads of 2013? First Read would include a few others, like almost any of the ads that come out around this time showing people getting vehicles as gifts, or those that celebrate men as heroes for buying their wives/girlfriends jewelry.

Despite the holiday seasons, retail sales have been sliding.

Incoming New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio has hired former Goldman Sachs executive, Alicia Glen, as deputy mayor for housing and economic development. Glen will be responsible for making sure the city is benefiting from giving tax breaks to businesses.

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