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peHUB First Read

An interesting take on private equity and the future of water infrastructure in the U.S. As a reminder, KKR made a huge water infrastructure investment with the city of Bayonne, New Jersey late last year that keeps price controls in the city’s hands.

Andrew Ross Sorkin believes Ben Bernake deserves a big kudos as he exits his job at the Fed.

Some solutions to Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ controversy, including forming an Uber futures market.

China remains a huge risk to the global economy going into 2014.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, will get a 50 percent bump in salary for 2014 after presiding over a huge hike in the value of the company’s stock this past year. See, that makes sense … unlike some executive pay raises of the past.

If you need something to do for New Year’s Eve, the Times Square Applebees is throwing a party at $375 a person. Livin’ good!

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