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If you missed it, the U.S. women’s ice hockey team lost a heart-breaker in Sochi yesterday to Canada, settling for the silver medal. Congrats to the team for an outright battle on the ice.

This is concerning — the Federal Communications Commission plans to enter newsrooms to question reporters and editors about how publications choose the news. Because the government needs to have a say in what passes for news these days.

Energy Future Holdings, the former TXU, appears to be headed for a long and painful bankruptcy.

The U.S. and Europe would need to pony up $19 billion to bail out the Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.

Here’s how Facebook will squeeze $19 billion out of WhatsApp.

Tim Draper’s loopy plan to split up California into six states has moved forward in the process of getting on the ballot.

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox continues to struggle.

Here’s a Q&A with Sequoia’s Jim Goetz on the firm’s investment in messaging service WhatsApp.

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