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Jon Corzine’s 31 year old son has died. The cause of death is not yet known.

What the heck is going on with General Motors? Along with the company’s failure to correct defective ignition switches, now a review shows more than 300 people died after air bags failed to deploy in certain vehicles.

Here’s a guy building a Tsunami-proof shelter in his Silicon Valley backyard.

Tears of the Vampire: Lions Gate Entertainment admitted it violated U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules while fending off a bid from Carl Icahn, and will pay a $7.5 million fine. More worrying, however — the company may have to face Icahn in court.

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet has moved to the Indian Ocean, as investigators follow the theory that the plane may have flown thousands of miles after losing radio contact. First Read is starting to believe unnamed U.S. investigators that the plane was commandeered.

Editorial comment: The appointed overlords of vocabulary can’t seem to decide if we should ban the word ‘bossy’ as a label for assertive women, or if women should embrace the label, and ‘own it.’ First Read can’t stand when people try to regulate speech.

Russia is amassing thousands of troops and artillery on its border with Ukraine for a ‘training exercise’. Talk about euphemism.

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