peHUB First Read

* Is Penn Gaming the latest case of lender regret? We are banks. Hear us whine.

* Lehman Brothers plans to cut another 1,300 jobs.

* Competition is fierce for Twitter’s new VC round. I think I may finally give in to the micro-blogging service during peHUB Across America. May be the only practical way to publish, while taking five flights in five days.

* I reported last week that RedLasso was looking to raise $15 million in new VC funding. Its CEO expressed confidence that the company would soon sign licensing agreements with all the major television networks. But the only paperwork we’re seeing is litigation.

* Declining projections for social network ad revenue.

* Wall Street takes on the Darfur crisis.

* Famous failures.

* Barnes & Noble is considering an offer for Borders. Could America be facing a bookstore monopoly?

Talking defaults, with Diane Vazza of Standard & Poors: [youtube=]