peHUB First Read

Naked Capitalism believes it is being stonewalled in its quest to obtain private equity performance data from CalPERS. The public system fulfilled the request recently (a process that started last September), but the financial blog says what it received was incomplete.

Mt. Gox found about 200,000 bitcoins in an “old wallet”, bringing the total missing bitcoins to 650,000.

National Security Agency deputy director Richard Ledgett said at the TED conference President James Madison would have been proud of the job the NSA has done in vacuuming up data on Americans. Because using a secret court to authorize snooping on citizens is good for democracy.

Meanwhile, France’s main telecom company Orange has been cooperating with the country’s NSA for years.

Turkey’s prime minister vowed to ban Twitter and show the power of the Turkish government. The Twitterverse had a good belly laugh and kept on tweeting.

Wall Street braces for six IPOs today in a market whose strength harkens back to the dot com bubble.

The inevitable disfunction of ‘flat’ organizations like GitHub, which recently suspended a founder and an engineer because of harassment accusations.

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