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Ares Management is preparing to file the largest alternative asset manager IPO since The Carlyle Group in 2012.

The design of immersive virtual reality like Oculus may be sexist because of biological differences between men and women.

Meanwhile, here are some reactions from the Interwebs about Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus.

Also, the Facebook/Oculus deal has rocketed crowdfunding platform Kickstarter into the mainstream.

Pinterest accounts have been hacked and flooded with hundreds of pictures of butts. To protect yourself, don’t click on the butt pics!

Microsoft has finally come up with an Office app for the iPad.

Bruce Rauner’s campaign for governor of Illinois is shaping up to be a nasty battle, as the former GTCR chairman avoids social issues and pushes a ‘throw the bums out’ theme.

Rauner’s opponent, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, has been pounding his opponent for alleged pay-to-play activities (natch). Background: GTCR received a commitment in 2003 from the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System — which was approved by the pension board, a member of which was an employee of a GTCR-owned company.

MSNBC is in serious trouble.

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