peHUB First Read

Chicago Sun-Times has become the first major newspaper to accept bitcoin as payment for subscriptions.

Some public agencies in California forgo receiving performance data about venture capital funds as a way to avoid reporting that information to the public — and a court think that’s just fine.

Michael Lewis feels no shame as his new book ticks off a lot of people (and is applauded by a lot of other people).

Speaking of a ticked-off person: William O’Brien, president of BATS Global Markets who became famous for engaging in a lively debate on high-frequency trading on CNBC this week, was apparently wrong in his description about what his firm actually does.

Nest, acquired for $3 billion by Google in one of this year’s mega-deals, has halted production of its gesture-controlled smoke alarm.

Here’s a radar detector that works with your smartphone to harness the power of crowdsourcing to avoid the highway patrol.

Weather and war are making food more expensive. Food prices are up more than 5 percent this year.

USA Today has a top 10 CEO pay list: John Martin, head of Gilead Sciences, leads the pack with almost $169 million in realized compensation in 2013.

The market for initial public offerings has reached levels not seen for years.

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