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Vista Equity Partners is one of the best performing private equity firms in the industry. It’s founder, Robert Smith, who is black, believes racism makes fundraising tougher.

The White House has nominated Sylvia Mathews Burwell to take over the Department of Health and Human Services. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced her resignation just six months after the flawed roll out of the president’s healthcare initiative.

Don’t be surprised if we are in the beginning of a stock market crash.

We don’t need eight regulatory agencies to watch over banks. Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo kick off bank earnings season this morning. Here’s what to watch for.

One of the few female Wall Street titans, Blythe Masters, who recently announced her resignation from J.P. Morgan, is under investigation by federal regulators.

Pimco’s chief Bill Gross struggles between trying to be a nice, sensitive guy and a cold-as-ice trader with little regard for employees’ feelings. He also drives with his knees.

General Motor’s problems may not be the massive recall — it may be China — a market it has become increasingly dependent on where there is not much visibility.

A massive cyclone is bearing down on the northern coast of Australia.

Have you changed your passwords? Here’s how the heartbleed bug broke the internet, and why it could happen again.

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