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How CVC Capital Partners made $8.2 billion on Formula One Auto Racing, which represents a return of 751.3 percent.

J. Kyle Bass, who runs hedge fund Hayman Capital, appears to be the lone voice defending General Motors. Hayman’s holdings in GM are the firm’s single biggest stake.

Meanwhile, General Motors revealed in court documents it will soon ask a bankruptcy court judge to rule on whether claims against the company prior to 2009 can be assigned to the ‘old GM,’ limiting the company’s liability.

The NHL playoffs start tonight. First Read is, of course, pulling for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

TPG Growth has formed a joint venture with India-based Smile Group called Katalyzers, which will invest in and grow Internet companies.

Michael Bloomberg plans to spend $50 million in building a nation-wide organization to challenge the National Rifle Association.

President Obama says the NSA must alert vendors to any holes it finds in software, rather than exploiting them, unless they have clear national security uses.

Motorola Solutions, a part of the company never owned by Google, is selling a part of its business to Zebra Technologies for $3.45 billion.

Intel’s earnings showing the PC market is stabilizing, despite wide belief that the PC is dead.

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New York State Teachers’ Retirement System won’t reveal individual private equity fund performance

Spire Capital raises $133 million for Fund III

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