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So far this year, about $64.2 million of venture capital has been invested in bitcoin, according to Coindesk’s State of Bitcoin Q1 report, with Xapo, Circle and OKCoin all securing eight-figure rounds. Xapo, meanwhile, has offered the first credit card tied to a user’s bitcoin wallet.

You can house your aging dog in a retirement home in Japan for life for about $17,000.

A new generation of activist investor is challenging the traditional power of managers over owners in U.S. public corporations. One of the latest examples: Sandell Asset Management has nominated candidates to replace board members of Bob Evans.

The untold story of Larry Page’s incredible comeback.

A 10-year-old girl handed Michelle Obama her unemployed father’s resume during a children’s Q&A event, telling the First Lady her dad hadn’t worked in three years.

Cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills NFL football team have filed a lawsuit complaining they worked hundreds of hours for free, and were subject to sexual comments and groping.

Online marketplace DarkMarket, which won the $20,000 first prize at the Toronto Bitcoin hackathon earlier this month, avoids the vulnerabilities that led to the downfall of The Silk Road by decentralizing.

A federal judge has tossed a lawsuit by a former bank examiner of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York who claims she was fired for not changing her finding that Goldman Sachs lacked a firm-wide conflict of interest policy.

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