peHUB First Read

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission launched a probe into who leaked information to Reuters about the agency’s decision to settle its probe of JPMorgan’s ‘London Whale’ trading loss, but couldn’t identify anyone.

Remember when now-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was busting up the private equity industry in his massive, pay-to-play investigation? Cuomo is now the subject of investigation of alleged influence by his administration to quash subpoenas of his allies issued by a corruption commission he formed.

A Nomura report shows alternatives, especially hedge funds, don’t seem to be worth it considering the amount of fees paid for middling returns. The bank finds private equity returns highly correlated with mid-cap stocks, just highly leveraged.

NASA seems to have confirmed a major breakthrough in space propulsion by scientists who have found ways to convert electricity into thrust without the use of a propellant.

Young Libertarians exhibit a loathing for the GOP establishment, which they feel has been co-opted just as much as any Democrat by big money.

Wall Street is expecting another strong jobs report this month.

European equities followed U.S. stocks downward yesterday, with a sell off in global markets showing no sign of abating.

CIA chief John Brennan revealed agency staffers spied on members of the Senate intelligence committee while they were conducting an investigation into allegations of torture.

Atlanta’s Emory Hospital is set to receive an American who had been in Africa infected with the Ebola virus.

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