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Moody’s has revised its outlook on the UK banking sector from stable to negative in an environment of regulatory overload.

Ways to simplify business culture, including cutting back on the number of meetings. One company made savings equivalent to cutting 200 jobs by halving the default length of meetings to 30 minutes.

An experimental Ebola serum likely saved two Americans who contracted the disease while working in Africa. However, the almost miraculous recovery of one of the patients being attributed to the drug is being met with skepticism by some researchers. The company that developed the experimental drug, which is not FDA-approved for use in humans, is Mapp Biopharmaceutical based in San Diego.

Meanwhile, a man who was quarantined at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City for suspected ebola infection likely does not have the disease.

Coca-Cola, which tried to find a more natural sweetener for its vitaminwater product by using Stevia, has had to go back to its original recipe after customer backlash.

Two golfers got into a violent confrontation on a golf course over rules involving water hazards and ended up in the emergency room.

The FBI has set up malware ambushes on websites that gather user information. Used for child pornography investigations, the law enforcement strategy appears to be drifting to include innocent users of legitimate websites.

Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed General Motors’ financing arm seeking information about subprime auto loans.

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