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Venture capitalists get paid well to lose money.

More lists! BuzzFeed scores $50 million from Andresseen Horowitz at a valuation of $850 million. The company will use proceeds to launch several new initiatives, including a video group.

Rory McIlroy pulled off an exciting victory at the PGA Championship with the light fading and after rallying past some of the best in the game. Is McIlroy the second coming of Tiger Woods?

More sports? This is bizarre – race car driver Tony Stewart struck and killed a competitor on the race track in New York who had left his car to confront Stewart for an earlier incident.

Medical ethicists are debating how to use the limited supplies of experimental drugs to treat Ebola victims.

A study claims comfort food does not exist and cannot speed up the healing process. The study, however, seems a bit simplistic. First Read will continue to turn to heaping bowls of Korma in times of high stress.

A riot erupted after the protest of the shooting of an unarmed teen in Missouri.

Apparently your tech peak is in your mid-teens, and it’s all down hill from there.

Hillary Clinton went on the attack against President Obama, criticizing his foreign policy for allowing the rise of ISIS in Syria.

Google, Amazon, Facebook founders lost billions in the market retreat.

Several states managed to turn over tobacco settlement revenue streams for upfront payments in bonds that have now turned toxic.

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