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Tips from four investors on the best ways to secure venture capital funding.

A film producer acquired by Alibaba Group during a recent acquisition spree revealed it has uncovered possible accounting flaws and won’t be able to publish interim results on time.

Ukraine has begun inspections of the roughly 200 trucks sent by Russia as aid. Ukrainian border inspectors are examining the trucks in the presence of officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Argentina is prepared to use an anti-terrorism law to bring charges against RR Donnelley, which closed its plant in the country, leaving more than 400 people out of work.

Flood of capital: Yet another study is showing limited partners received record levels of private equity distributions — $568 billion — last year, which surpassed capital calls by 46 percent. As a reminder, Cambridge Associates in July said GPs in its U.S. private equity fund index returned the most-ever distributions — $134.6 billion — last year.

The surprising democratizing power of free WiFi at McDonald’s.

Good to see: A change in leadership of security around protests in Ferguson led to a much calmer environment yesterday, as local police management stood down in favor of the state police. Police removed much of the military equipment that has caused a backlash around the world.

Meanwhile, police militarization has finally become an issue in the eyes of regular Americans.

Strategics: Coca-Cola has bought a 16.7 percent stake in energy-drink maker Monster Beverage Corp. for $2.15 billion.

Shark week: Sharks love biting undersea fiber optic cables, a problem Google tries to address by sheathing its cables in Kevlar-like material.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is working with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch on a bipartisan bill to address the surge of companies incorporating overseas to cut their U.S. tax bills.

Apparently the supervolcano under Yellowstone Park is not about to erupt, despite rumors across the Internet that sprang up after a road in the park melted.

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