peHUB First Read

In light of a recent phishing scam targeting JPMorgan Chase customers, the question arises: why is phishing still successful after all these years?

Oldie but goodie: Burger King is run by children. Meanwhile, Warren Buffett reportedly will help finance a Burger King takeover of Tim Hortons, in which Burger King would move its corporate HQ to Canada.

Ann Taylor is being pressured by shareholders to explore a sale, including to private equity. Golden Gate Capital has a minority stake in the business.

Amazon is aggressively going after Google’s core business — Amazon’s announced acquisition of video streaming service Twitch is a big shot across the bow.

Two guys have 3-D printed a ‘skeleton key’ that can open millions of high security locks using photographs of the locks’ keyholes.

President Obama’s new chief economist at the Department of Labor is seeking an answer to the mystery of what happened to some 6 million employment-age workers who have simply dropped out of the workforce since the 2008 recession.

What’s going on at the South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission? The Commission hired its second executive director in three months.

A nationwide poll finds both blacks and whites believe police are not held accountable for misconduct or use the right amount of force.

Och-Ziff Capital Management, along with BlackRock, GLG Partners and Credit Suisse are at the center of a federal investigation that claims they invested $100 million in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe government as it was massacring its opposition.

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