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Struggling Hewlett-Packard plans to split into two companies — its better-performing computer and printer unit and its corporate hardware and services business. The move could trigger a wave of new deals as past suitors come calling on the smaller companies.

How ‘lifestyle inflation’ keeps many in the middle class living precariously paycheck to paycheck.

Brazil’s leftist president Dilma Rousseff to face pro-business Aecio Neves in a run-off election to take power. The election is being closely watched by those with interests in the Brazilian economy, which has proven one of the popular destinations for private equity.

The last president to cut unemployment as much as President Obama was President Reagan.

Google is reportedly building its own competitor to WhatsApp, Facebook’s $19 billion super-simple, emerging-markets friendly messenger app.

Teen Talk: Here’s what Silicon Valley teens think about the future of tech — it’s all about wearables, ed tech and the environment.

Student loans could prove a big hindrance on the housing market, as heavily indebted Millennials enter a shaky job market.

The guy who helped identify Ebola in 1976 is shocked the current outbreak has gotten so bad, but fortunately doesn’t believe the disease could mutate into an airborne-transmitted version.

The price of bitcoin fell over the weekend, leading to some concern about a collapse.

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