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17 counties that could change the nation with Tuesday’s elections.

VC’s, like startups, should prepare for leaner times, says New Enterprise Associates’s Jon Sakoda.

J.P. Morgan being probed by Justice Department; criminal investigation focusing on foreign-exchange operations.

Apple, Google set Disney video deal.

Recalled G.M. cars remain unrepaired.

Darkcoin, bitcoin’s stealthier cousin, is now being accepted by online drug dealers.

Sprint cuts 2,000 jobs, stock falls 7 percent

Why Taylor Swift is the most important artist of the millennial era.

And, a couple marries on a Southwestern flight.

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Billionaire Elon Musk commits to Valor Equity’s third fund.

Talking top quartile with Hazem Ben-Gacem of Investcorp

Fund performance: Sticking with mid-sized venture bets bring LP rewards.

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