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Halliburton enters talks to buy Baker Hughes. The deal would help big oil-field services firms weather falling prices.

Net neutrality review could give Comcast an out in the Time Warner cable deal.

Americans’ cellphones are targeted in secret U.S. spy program.

Virgin America goes public.

Europe dodges recession – barely.

Apple’s astounding market valuation has hit another all-time peak.

According to a survey, there are few blacks and Hispanics among top tech executives.

Gas is cheaper, but how much it helps consumers is debatable.

Uber launches carpooling service in Paris as competition with BlaBlaCar looms.

And, Farmville creator says it’s easier to grow marijuana than negotiate with Facebook executives all day.

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Jeddy leaves Abraaj to rejoin McKinsey.

New commitment boosts Pantheon’s AUM to $4 bln in Asia and emerging markets.

LendingClub seeks a buyer while on IPO trail.

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