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ISIS sympathizers hack U.S. military Twitter feed.

White House spokesperson says they should have sent a high-ranking official to Paris march.

This start-up got $30 mln to shake up the garbage industry.

Oil prices fall to lowest since 2009.

AirAsia Flight 8501 cockpit-voice recorder is recovered.

Man busted smuggling 94 iPhones into China like body armor.

Alibaba says it will block U.S. sales of banned or recalled toys and other goods.

Why China’s hoped-for baby boom is turning out to be a bust.

Gross says PIMCO fired him. Also, he turned down offer for reduced role.

Dubai replaces Heathrow as busiest airport.

Charlie Hebdo puts Mohammed on its new cover.

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NYC Retirement System loses another PE exec.

LA County pays $43 mln in fees for PE funds, portfolio generates 23.5 pct return.

Cendana founder Kim anticipates more seed funds.

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