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United sold thousands of first-class tickets for as little as $44—then cancelled them.

Microsoft reportedly acquires N-Trig, the digital-pen maker behind the Surface Pro 3 stylus.

Jet, a would-be Amazon competitor, raises another $140 million before launch.

EU, Greece bailout talks falter.

House of Cards’ leaks onto Netflix early.

Alibaba launches enterprise messaging app DingTalk, its latest mobile software product.

As American Express courts ordinary spenders, rivals poach its wealthiest clients

AOL still has 2.2 million dialup subscribers, and they’re paying more.

Bob Simon, CBS correspondent, is killed in car crash.

Ukraine gets new $17.5 billion IMF bailout.

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NGP Energy Capital loses seven executives.

Illinois Universities re-ups to its 11th Adams Street fund.

Emergence unveils new fund and a shift to earlier investing.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.