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Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase agree to erase debts from credit reports after bankruptcies.

Syngenta rejects $45 billion Monsanto takeover offer.

Alibaba is in talks to acquire a $1.2 billion stake in India phone maker Micromax.

Fitbit files for a $100 million IPO.

Uber reportedly bids as much as $3 billion on Nokia’s Here mapping business.

British Prime Minister David Cameron pulls off shock victory in UK vote.

Yemen Al Qaeda leader who claimed credit for Charlie Hebdo attack is killed in U.S. drone strike.

Microsoft has no plans to pursue Salesforce.

A record 1,337 Americans have given up their passports in the first three months of this year.

Great news, class of 2015: you’re graduating into the best job climate in over a decade.

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Chart of the week: Big deals regain top spot as most expensive part of the market.

Apollo natural resources fund to be ‘multiples’ bigger than $1.3 bln predecessor.

Nasdaq execs: It’s not a bubble.

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