peHUB First Read

* Which is more expensive: Yahoo’s war on Microsoft, or the war in Iraq?

* We’ve heard this (a lot of times) before, but TechCrunch reports that Google is in “final negotiations” to acquire Digg for around $200 million. Eric Eldon thinks it would be cheaper for Google to just build its own clone.

* Sovereign wealth funds may be looking for their next target. Lilla Zuill suggests the insurance sector.

* Hollywood’s cash crunch.

* GE and Abu Dhabi team up for an $8 billion fund.

* Carlyle Group and China’s Xugong end their mutual courtship.

* Zero2IPO has released a slew of second-quarter numbers from the Chinese private equity market. Here are the data-laden press releases:

* There also is some new deal data from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

* Lewis Black on our End of an Empire Sale: