peHUB First Read

* Wharton takes a non-partisan look at McCain and Obama’s tax plans.

* Things must have really gotten bad when a college fraternity files for Chapter 11.

* Keith Marsden argues that President Bush has a good economic record. His first piece of evidence: The U.S. economy grew at a faster rate than did France’s economy over the past eight years. Talk about unintentionally damning with faint praise. Barry’s readers take Marsden apart.

* The New England robotics cluster. Thanks iRobot!

* Thin-film solar company Miasole is raising $200 million.

* Seattle VCs weigh in on the election.

* Want to save the New York Sun? It’s going to take around $10 million (it’ll be structured as an investment, but it’s really more of a gift).

* BBC interviews Jon Moulton, managing partner of UK-based Alchemy Partners, on trying to sound the alarm about practices that led to the current liquidity crisis. “The people who understood what was going on all agreed with me, but they were making so much money the last thing they wanted to do was acknowledge that it was really a problem.” [youtube=]