peHUB First Read

Cofee* Stock futures on the rise. That’s all well and good, but I want some sort of futures for activity between 3pm-4pm, because that’s when all hell keeps breaking loose. 

* Doomsday grocery shopping in Iceland.

* PE bigs gather in Dubai for Super Returns Middle East, where they’ll give speeches and then retire to their hotel rooms for a good cry. One might assume that this economic crisis would be hitting Dubai particularly hard, but apparently that’s not (yet) the case.

* Black and white video from stock market analysts in 1929. The lesson: Don’t believe what anyone is telling you.

* MBA candidates keep job hope alive.

* VC-backed Seesmic lays off one-third of its staff. Where is FuckedCompany when you need it?

* Matt Asay argues that a down economy will be good for open source technology.

* U.S. gov’t promises to protect Mitsubishi on Morgan Stanley.

* Stock futures are on the rise.

* Bailout II, Electric Boogaloo:

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