peHUB First Read

 * Still need a Halloween costume? Carney’s got you covered. Sadly, it seems the $79 Evil Hank and Evil Ben masks are already sold out…

* Doug Kass: Private equity is the next financial shoe to drop.

* China quietly launches a corruption probe related to foreign investments, and has already detained two officials.

* VCs pumped $1.6 billion into cleantech companies last quarter. This is going to be a mess.

* Unless something dramatic happens today, global equity markets may have just experienced their worst month ever.

* The Economist endorses Obama. Sure the mag has been critical of the Bush tax cuts, but it’s been anything but a lefty rag. In fact, it endorsed Bush in 2000 (which would actually be the best argument for ignoring its latest endorsement).

* Barclays is receiving a $12.1 billion cash infusion, with most of it coming from the Middle East. Who needs a bailout?

* Need a job? Join the IRS.

* The sky is falling, and the lawyers will profit.

* Schumer challenges IRS rule that has helped spark bank mergers.

* U.S. futures are slightly lower.

* One of the odder exchanges ever on CNBC: