peHUB First Read

Cofee* Congressman Elijah Cummings calls on AIG chief Edward Liddy to step down. Maybe his leave from buyout firm CD&R will be short-lived…

* James Henry & Jim Manzi: Forget the bailouts, invest in innovation.

* A new TARP requirement that recipients must first prove able to raise private capital? In other words, PE firms are about to find a new source of “leverage.”

* Sign of the times: Exclusive ski and golf community Yellowstone Club files for bankruptcy.

* Morning Call: U.S. Futures down (although they seem to have since flattened out), Europe up on pharma and telecom, Hong Kong and Japan both fall.

* Henry Blodget: Facebook shares are changing hands at $4 billion valuations, while the company’s CFO searches for new cash in Dubai.

* Venture capitalist Patricia Naskache knows about CraigsList, but is backing startups that ask online users to pay for higher-quality, screened classified ads.

* Et in Arcadia Ego.

* I-bank revenue shrinks in the Middle East.

* Wallstrip on Female Health Company: