peHUB First Read

Cofee* Suffer a heart attack? It may be your lousy boss’ fault.

* Steven Pearlstein: The Citi bailout is steeped in irony.

* From the Backed into a Corner Dep’t: KKR has cut back its fund-raising expectations.

* Collapsing oil prices have Candover over a barrel.

* Morning call: Time for profit-taking? U.S. futures point lower, FTSE up a percentage point, European shares up at mid-day, Nikkei and Hong Kong both rise. 

* What does Sam Zell really think about the newspaper business?

* Twitter buys the IP of Values of N, which had raised a small amount of VC funding from firms like First Round Capital, Sherpalo Ventures and Mountain Ventures.

* Should Tim Geithner take office immediately?

* Banking industry analysts get cut.

* Carl Icahn: Shareholders should decide where companies incorporate.

* From last week’s Buyouts West event, Alex Haislip moderates a panel on technology deal-making: