peHUB First Read

A few links to kick off your morning:

* Facebook still isn’t ready to go public, but it does want more cash for expansion and acquisitions. The solution? Raise additional venture capital at a pre-money valuation in excess of $1 billion, according to Kara Swisher.

* A UK union boss says that private equity firms make the mafia “look like a model of openness and transparency.” Come on, tell us how you really feel…

* Yesterday’s WSJ reported that KKR had “blinked” in its face-off with lenders, over the $26 billion First Data buyout. Michael de la Merced of DealBook doesn’t quite see it that way. Get his take here.

* Paul Kedrosky has some data on the most-trafficked financial websites. No, peHUB is not there… (yet).    
* Could private equity firms finally move into the pharmaceutical sector?

* Hedge funds lure biz school profs