peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday:

* The Chrysler-UAW labor agreement is facing stiff opposition from some Chrysler workers.

* The wit and wisdom of Leo Strine, during a hearing on the Sallie Mae buyout. An example: “Let’s deal. Why can’t you just mutually terminate [the buyout deal]….in front of this audience. We can even treat it — i don’t know — it would be like the opposite of a wedding, but we can ask if anyone in the audience objects if these people mutual terminate without prejudice. They just say do it at the same time. They just need moral support.”

* Andrew Parker of Union Square Ventures explains his firm’s investment in Tumblr, which was first reported here last Friday.

* Gotta love Fox “Business” Channel. It’s first day featured an interview with the Naked Cowboy. Now Liz Claman is interview Lamb Chop (yeah, the sock).

* VCs go earlier than early-stage.

* Another day, another story about Facebook raising money from Microsoft or Google.