peHUB First Read

Cofee* Roger Ehrenberg: Will laid-off Wall Streeters spark an entrepreneurial boom?

* A Houston Chronicle expose of Allen Stanford. From July 2000!!!

* Jonathan Weil: Bank books finally start seeping some truth.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point to mixed open, European shares down on concerns over pharma profits, the Nikkei rises 1.5% and Hong Kong shares slide.

* Self-Promotion Alert: I’ll be on CNBC this morning at 10:30am, to discuss if private equity is about to become the next political pinanta.

* Earnings alert: Blackstone Group holds its analyst call at 11:30, but the media call comes at 9:30. Erin will be live-blogging it.

* Paul Starr believes that newspaper death will lead to a new era of corruption. Mike Masnick demurs.

* Rich Karlgaard: The coming blue state collapse.

* Should be presume Bernie Madoff to be innocent? Only if you’re a juror.

* It’s (almost) official: We’re all about to own a little bit more of Citigroup.

* Matt Wurtzel: Don’t outlaw securitization.

* The Top 10 Financial crises