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peHUB First Read

* Has it really come to this? A groom has not updated his Facebook status at the alter (to “married” of course).

* Lauren Silva Laughlin suggests that Carlyle Group is drunk on Booz Allen debt.

* Blackstone Group cares about the students. Or their money, at least. The firm is building the tallest tower in London’s financial district and it’s a dorm.

*  Is Bloomberg Engaging in Bernanke Boosterism?

*Ouch, November hurt. The U.S. employment report for the month should show a loss of 130,000 jobs, with the unemployment rate edging up to 10.3%.

* Hedgie Phil Duff had a three-decade hot streak, and could have stopped there, but didn’t.

* I just made an investment, what do I do now?

* John Denver, Bernie Madoff & Me, the musical.

* Apologists: HuffPo columnist James Altuchre says of the Goldman Sachs haters-“get over it.” Hate the people he lists instead.

* Introducing ZOMBIE Companies! They’ve been roaming in LBO Land.