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peHUB First Read 5.20

Guest Appearance: THL Partners’ Scott Sperling wrote an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. He argues that Obama’s approach to the auto industry is not anti-capitalist. (WSJ)

Open Mouth, Insert Foot: J.C. Flowers’ “Impolitic Words” may haunt private equity’s bids for banks. (Dealbook)

Ideal Employer Is No Employer? Universum’s annual college grad survey has some interesting things to say about the attitude of recent grads–Less than 60% of undergraduates have bothered to look for employment. (BusinessWeek)

Real Estate: Dick Fuld is looking to earn 50% on the sale of his co-op. (Business Insider)

Go East My Friend: PE Firms are looking to Chinese investors to boost their fundraising efforts. (Dealscape)

Seriously? A guy named Mitch Mortaza is launching a Lingerie Football League. (CNBC)

B-School 101: Law firms are training lawyers to be more like business people. (WSJ)

Creative Financing Indeed: Banks are using life insurance to fund their executive benefits. (WSJ)

Rumour Starter: Twitter should IPO. Now. (Howard Lindzon)

Just like High School: Popularity only Breeds more popularity when it comes to crowd participation and “most popular” lists online. (WSJ)