peHUB First Read 5.21

Break It Down: The Deal Professor sees “Shades of Revlon” in the Vista/Accel-KKR feud for SumTotal. (Dealbook)

Marc Cuban: On how Twitter and Facebook are competing with Google. (Blog Maverick)

Titles: The Telegraph calls Lynn Fordham, newly appointed as the head of SVG Capital, the “first lady” of private equity. (Telegraph)

TUI? A Morgan Stanley trader has been suspended after “trading under the influence.” (Deal Journal)

YES 09! IPOs have made money for investors this year. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Jon Stewart On Chrysler and GM: Be a $*(&#^ person! (WSF)

What Me, Worry? PNC is in no rush to repay its TARP money. (Dealscape)

Tesla Sticker Shock: Remarkably, the terms of German automaker Daimler AG’s 10-percent stake in Tesla may have also helped the Silicon Valley electric-car start-up inch closer to GM in value. (Dealzone)

Charts: Paul Kedrosky on what “green shoots in retail look like. (Infectious Greed)